Are Your Gutters Ready For Fall?

Are Your Gutters Ready For Fall?

Gutter cleaning is definitely one of those household maintenance chores that is easy to overlook during the year. Fall is the time when homeowners should pay a little more attention to their gutters and downspouts and get them ready for the weather ahead this season. We’ve put together three reasons why you should get your gutters in tip-top shape before any problems have a chance to the get started.

1. Anything In Your Gutters Now Is Just Going To Cause a Bigger Problem

Throughout the year, gutters accumulate all sorts of stuff. From leaves and twigs to bird’s nests and the kid’s toys. Since they have been at the bottom of your list of shores for months now, your gutters and downspouts need to have this debris cleared out before anything else makes it way into them – especially water.

If you live in a neighborhood with trees, or have trees in your own yard, you’re going to have leaves and twigs in your gutters. Even with gutter guards as our photo above shows. There is no escaping them. By having your gutters and downspouts professionally cleaned twice a year – once in the spring and (more importantly) in the fall, you can help prevent the problems that clogged gutters can cause:

  • Overflowing: Water overflowing from clogged gutters makes it way into window frames, doors, and foundations creating the possibility of damage, rot, mold, and cracking.
  • Roof and Wood Damage: Water trapped in gutters creates a situation where the wood support (the fascia) and the underlying roof decking (plywood) soak up water causing it to rot and decay. While it may not be immediately obvious, this decay will weaken the wood structure causing it to eventually fail. When the wood support fails, the entire gutter system and your roof are at risk of falling. Remember, water weighs 8 pounds per gallon and a length of gutter along one side of your house can weigh hundreds of pounds. If it falls, not only will it cause expensive damage it is a safety hazard to anyone or anything that happens to be below it when it does.
  • Foundation Cracks and Basement Flooding: The water not carried away by your gutters that has now overflowed will make its way into your foundation and basement areas. As the season turns from fall to winter, the water trapped in your foundation will freeze and thaw causing tiny cracks that combine into big, expensive problems. Basements with water penetration are also at risk of damage, not only from the freeze-thaw cycle but from water damaging flooring, wood structures, floor boards and other parts of your basement.

2. Weather Is Always Unpredictable – Regardless What The Weatherman Says

Seasonal weather is highly unpredictable and if recent trends have shown us anything, you just cannot predict what the weather is going to be with a high degree of accuracy. With the weather being unpredictable and variable from day to day and week to week in the fall, getting an early start on having your gutters professionally cleaned and inspected will help take this variable out of the way. Trying to get your cleaning done by us, or worse trying to do it yourself, when the weather can change almost from hour to hour some days in the fall is challenging to say the least. Unpredictable weather, and especially sudden heavy storms and winds, can and do occur in the fall in the St. Louis area. A sudden storm with heavy rain and winds can absolutely wreck your gutters if they are already clogged and cause expensive damage.

3. The Longer You Wait, The More Expensive It Will Be

Gutter cleaning is not the most complicated business in the world but the same laws of supply and demand apply. As the St. Louis area gets into the fall season, gutter cleaning schedules fill up and typically get to be more expensive.

By getting ahead of the game and booking a professional gutter cleaning now, before the “high-season” you will be worry-free going into fall and be able to work out the best price.

This fall, why not enjoy the season with less worry and stress. Have your gutters and downspouts professionally cleaned by the top-rated, most-trusted St. Louis gutter cleaning company around.

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